To enrich the Migrant Young worker’s cultural life, to improve their sense of belonging to Zhuhai, to guide them to concern Zhuhai and love Zhuhai, to feel the colorful atmosphere, the Communist Youth League of Zhuhai and the Zhuhai Youth Federation hosted the Zhuhai Migrant Young Worker Carnival of 2015, giving them a stage to show their images of health, confident and talent. Liri Structure will be the faithful supporter.

In order to show our spirit and take part in the Family Time Epistle Contest, collection activity is carrying on, hoping you can be in actively. The content of the letter is mainly about the feeling of working and living in zhuhai, affection for the family and the imagination for future.
Liri Structure staffs have expressed that they will support this activity. They said, it’s a good way for them to share their stories and feelings, let them to know each other and the city more, so as to love their jobs and the city more. The company also hopes the staffs to participate such similar cultural and recreational activities more, since they can not only improve personal culture, also can enhance the competitiveness of the company.