Storage Tents

Aluminum Warehouse Tent

Our warehouse tents for the convenience of the construction enterprises short season, the venue provides a flexible distribution of flexible space.

Width: 20m - 30m

Steel Storage Tent

Liri tent develops a new design steel structure tent used for warehouse and storage, which is based on using new building materials.

Width: 15m - 30m

Liri Tent’s storage tents system is a fast, economical solution for any industrial or portable warehouse project. Liri storage tents offer a unique design that provides enough height and extraordinary clearance for your industrial and warehouse needs. There are no internal pillars for our clear span storage tents structures, the forklifts or other heavy machinery can move freely which allows maximum usable space. So warehouse tent structures are a better choice of wood or steel structures. Liri industrial tent structures are built to last more than 10 years, it can be built on almost any ground.

Storage Tent Feature

  • No permanent foundation without applying for construction approval.
  • Modular design has unlimited length, able to custom made.
  • Building construction cycle is short.
  • Hard walls with the anti-moisture material.
  • The entrance can be built for container trucks and forklifts.
  • Roof selections: arc roof, pointed peak, flat roof, inflatable roof.
  • Advanced in supporting facilities with lighting, drainage, and collision avoidance system.

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