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Conservatory Structure Tent

Width: 16m - 35m

More luxurious and high-end event space

The innovative design of the Conservatory Structure Tent was inspired by the sixteenth century. At that time, the French nobility like orange trees and built greenhouses to plant them. Gradually, the greenhouses began to be used for events, gatherings, parties, etc. And Its shape is like our Conservatory Structure Tent.

Product Features

  • Rainproof: The surface treatment of the tarpaulin uses anti-absorption technology to have more outstanding waterproof performance.
  • Reusable: No need for cutting and welding, so it can be relocated and reused in different places.
  • Beautiful shape: The fully transparent tent is like a crystal palace, giving it a more high-end feel in the sun.
  • Safe and stable: naturally resistant to various harsh environments.
  • Easy to transport: flexible assembly and disassembly, lightweight, factory prefabricated, fast transportation, and convenient storage.
  • Diversity: Different combinations create unique outdoor transparent tents.

Conservatory Structure Tent Types

In order to pursue a more luxurious and high-end event space, the walls, doors, and windows of the Conservatory Structure Tent can be made of transparent PVC or glass. The interior can be added with ceiling interior and floor systems to enhance the sophistication of the entire Orangery tent. The PVC cover has three options: fully transparent, semi-shading, and full shading, the PVC cover color supports personalized customization, and the combination is flexible. The tarpaulin can be designed in color matching.

Optional Components

The conservatory structure tent is suitable for large-scale outdoor weddings, outdoor restaurants, garden parties, and other outdoor events.

Conservatory Structure Tent Video