17Jan 2019

With the development of society, more and more people choose wedding tents as a venue for weddings. But many people are worried about the cost. now, let’s learn about the cost of purchasing a wedding tent. How much do wedding tents cost? Wedding tents are widely used around the world. Wedding tents are popular with […]

16Jan 2019

Do you like parties? Have you attended a party? Do you want to have a party? The party culture began in the West and gradually spread to the whole world. Almost all countries have this entertainment, but there are some differences. So how do you hold a party very well? Party tents are essential. Different […]

12Jan 2019

Let’s get married in 2019, find an open place, build a bright wedding tent. This place is our wedding heaven for now. The tent makes it possible to warm up the idyllic wedding in the summer, imagine that we can slowly enter a nice wedding tent of reception, peace and lively. What a wonderful feeling! […]

09Jan 2019

Have you ever encountered rainy weather while outdoor event? When you were selling outdoors, did you sunburned by the poisonous sun? Have you ever been improving the promotion way of your company? Our outdoor event tents can be a reliable assistant in your product promotion campaign. It can be safely fixed on all kinds of […]

22Nov 2018

During the period from September to October 2018, LIRI TENT company ushered in its annual peak hour of construction. The company threw itself entirely into the busy construction stage. During this short period of 2 months, our construction team spread their footprint all over the country and completed more than 80 projects with the total […]

14Jul 2018

Last week, the fire drills and training had hold successfully by Human Resource Department. It was aimed at the whole company. Through fire-fighting knowledge explanation, case analysis and skill exercises, which allows all the employees have a certain knowledge of fire-fighting and escape skills, improving the security awareness to ensure the safety of life and […]