14Jul 2018

Last week, the fire drills and training had hold successfully by Human Resource Department. It was aimed at the whole company. Through fire-fighting knowledge explanation, case analysis and skill exercises, which allows all the employees have a certain knowledge of fire-fighting and escape skills, improving the security awareness to ensure the safety of life and […]

28Feb 2018
Congratulations to Liri for the opening in the New Year

Open the door and play the gongs and drums, to greet the Lucky dog and the big wealth, . February 23, 2018, Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd started, for the punctual return of all employees express my sincere respect, at the same time to all my colleagues and the company’s fresh and regular customers to […]

28Feb 2018

Days are always like sand flowing from your fingers and slipped quietly. Reviewing the achievements made in 2017, Liri tents, as the new assembly structures, have gained more and more attention and recognition. 1、New Qualification Honors In addition to the “Guangdong A-level Enterprise of Credit” for five years, 2017 Liri Tent got more new honors.  “Guangdong Top Brand” […]

28Feb 2018

Banquet Tent for LIRI 20th anniversary celebrating The fox in The Little Prince said, “Ritual is about making one day different from the other, making one time different from the other.” For corporations, we also need a sense of ritual when deciding to work for a goal to give a new meaning. Holding company annual meeting, the […]

28Feb 2018

In the evening of 30 December 2017, Liri Tent‘s 20th anniversary of the Ingenuity and Thanksgiving Celebrating successful in a beautiful Liri structure tent. The wonderful programs shows present the Liri’s staff vibrant spirit. And long with the 4 times money lottery, making the enthusiasm highest in the tent hall. Starting Dance Passion of Liri, Power and Beauty Collaborate Songs. Young […]

06Oct 2017

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