06Oct 2017

Canton Fair Exclusive Tent Supplier Since 2001 Meet You at the 122nd Canton Fair Mobile:+86-13672679064    Tel:+86-756-6250688 Phase 1 Date: 10.15-10.19    Booth No.11.2 F44 Phase 3 Date: 10.31-11.04    Booth No.3.2 M35 Welcome to Visit LIRI TENT, Free Car Service!              Leading Brand of Tent in China Article Source:

21Aug 2017
Polygons tent Rental

Short tent rentals usually apply on periodical outdoor activities such as large exhibitions, outdoor activities, parties, weddings and so on. Liri tent provides unique designs of Pagoda tent, Half Sphere Tent, Polygons tent and 3-80m long-span Frame Tents for rental to meet your requirement. What is more, we also provide wood flooring, ceilings, curtains, glass […]

28Jul 2017
Wishes and blessings for LIRI TENT 20th Anniversary (3)

A man must have a dream, and luck meets hard work, if happens with the special offer from Liri Tent. This year it is the 20th Anniversary of Liri Tent, and we decided to do something to celebrate. One is to make a wish wall in office and encourage each employee to write down their […]

18Jul 2017
Event Tents for High-end Event Parties (2)

Nowadays, outdoor event tent is one of the most important ways for many branding companies’ showing exhibitions and promotion events. In order to achieve a better brand effect, many organizers often hold a series of outdoor events to get close to their customers, so that they have a better branding promotion. Customers can get close […]

21Jun 2017
Unite and forge ahead for 20 years (9)

One person pick firewood is not enough, but many people pick firewood will make the fire burn high. One can burden little, but many people will move thousands of mountains. A line is easy to break, 10,000 lines can pull the ship. Liri tents is a small workshop in 1997 year, and nowit is a […]

25May 2017
Keep Going and Never Stop, Liri Tent 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago, an originator of Liri Tent as pioneer made unremitting efforts to create China tent industry development. LIRI started by a small team with only several people to a big group with nearly 500 employees nowadays. Instead of the old small factory, now our manufacturing base is over 120,000 square meters. The ship […]