Temporary Sports Structures

With the increasing number of people exercising year by year, the demand for sports venues is growing, and the stadium industry has a better development prospect in the future. In order to realize the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums more quickly, Liri Structure has provided a comprehensive solution for stadiums and gymnasiums. Modular Sports Tent […]

aluminum warehouse tent

Insufficient warehouse space will cause a large number of goods to pile up. Especially in the peak season, the shortage of warehouse storage space is everywhere. In this case, the greater the risk of damage and loss of goods, and the problem of commodity storage has become one of the headache problems. It can quickly […]

emergency response tents

On the evening of April 13, Liri Structure received the construction task from Shanghai Fangcang hospital. Responded immediately. 450 tons of materials were delivered in turn. On the afternoon of the 14th, all 18 large trucks had left the Liri architecture factory and crossed the 1600 km road. At 9 a.m. on the 15th, the […]

Cover Your Swimming Pool

There are two types of swimming pools: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor swimming pool has fresh air and sunshine. You can enjoy the sunshine while swimming. But it also has disadvantages. There is no shade for the outdoor swimming pool, and it is easy to get sunburn and heatstroke in summer. Our custom swimming pool […]

Notification of change of company name

To Company Partners: As company is to expand due to business growth, the original company name ‘Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd.’ will change registration as ‘Liri Architecture Technology (Guangdong)  Co., Ltd’ since the 1st February 2021.  As from today, all internal and external documents, data, invoices, account number, tax number etc. of the company shall be in the name […]

MAGIC3 youth hoops tourney kicks off

This year’s MAGIC3 Shanghai Youth Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament has already on the second stage. The 20 X 50 Covered Basketball Court that we built for this event last year is ready again this year. We came to the bustling business district of Shanghai this time. This structure looks like a capsule is actually an outdoor […]