Nowadays, more and more sports venues are using tent buildings to replace traditional buildings. Different appearance designs and creativity have brought new vitality to the sports world. The convenience, flexibility, economical efficiency, and environmental protection of aluminum alloy tent structures have also pushed the sports industry to a new level. As far as we know, […]


Tents have been widely used in various events. Due to its convenient assembly disassembly and flexibility, it has become a better choice for outdoor temporary events. It is commonly used in car shows, weddings, parties, and other events, and has strong shaping properties. Auto Car Show Events Nowadays, more and more car show events prefer […]

4. Lift frame and install auxiliary accessories

Large Tents have become a common choice for outdoor events, especially for large-scale events, the demand for tents is even wider. However, for the construction of large tents, how to assemble them has become a problem for many people. In fact, Liri’s large tents will be processed into prefabricated components in the factory, then transported […]


For enterprises, storage space is a common challenge. Traditional buildings as warehouses, are expensive to use and unable to flexibly respond to spatial adjustments. Ordinary sunshades cannot cope with adverse weather conditions. Therefore, many companies will choose aluminum alloy warehouse tents. Our aluminum alloy warehouse tent is a low-cost storage space solution. Compared to traditional […]

What type of tents are best for commercial events (3)

For outdoor commercial events, the use of an aluminum alloy prefabricated tent structure can not only provide outdoor sun and rain protection but also flexibly decorate and make the event more exciting, giving guests a better experience. Generally speaking, simple small tents cannot meet the desired presentation effect for outdoor commercial events. In order to […]


Our temporary structures are made of aluminum frames and PVC fabric and are widely used in the fields of temporary events and semi-permanent buildings. Liri Structure has been dedicated to the research and development of temporary structures for many years, with an experienced research and development team and construction team. We use 6-series T6 industrial […]