The standard size of the basketball court is 28m x 15m, Normally it is no less than 7m in height.

Liri Structure provides customized solutions for Basketball Court Cover, The size of the basketball court, can be customized, 5 meters per bay in length with no limit to the length,  It could also be built with your concept, the interior can be accommodated one or more standard size basketball courts. Our indoor basketball court is made of aluminum alloy and PVC fabric material which reaches the Chinese standard B1 grade fire resistance and effectively achieves the heat insulation and fire protection function, The aluminum alloy structure is adopted 6 series T6 of industrial aluminum, which can be resisted 8 to 10 force wind, and it is about 30 years lifespan, which can be used as a permanent construction.

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Since our indoor basketball court structure belongs to temporary construction, the approval process is simple and can be put into use quickly. Its modular design allows for relocate and reuse, moreover, it can be expanded according to the actual situation. It can not only achieve assembly rapidly, but also no need for cutting and welding when assembly on the construction site, in this way, there is no construction waste, and is really suitable for outdoor basketball court transformation.

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