Tent Ideas

18Jul 2017
Event Tents for High-end Event Parties (2)

Nowadays, outdoor event tent is one of the most important ways for many branding companies’ showing exhibitions and promotion events. In order to achieve a better brand effect, many organizers often hold a series of outdoor events to get close to their customers, so that they have a better branding promotion. Customers can get close […]

20May 2017
How to Choose Outdoor Event Tents 4

April and May are at the turn of Spring and Summer, with pleasant weather and full of renewal, so many companies choose to hold outdoor events at this time. In addition to the “timing”, “a suitable site” is also important for the outdoor events. Below points shall be considered when choosing a suitable site: Firstly, […]

07Mar 2017
Liri Festival Tent for International Circus Festival

The third international Circus Festival start from November, 2016, will be held in Zhuhai Changlong Marine Kingdom, dressed as the “ Circus Kingdom”, warmly welcome the tourists from all over the word. A large scale circus party will be bought in this month to pass the happiness, encourage challenge, advocate courage, witness glory. As far […]

07Mar 2017
Dancing with Nature in the Wedding Tent

“Golden September and Silver October” is the traditional wedding season. Nowadays, the “80’s” “90s” prefer to hold a natural and fresh outdoor wedding on the green grass. The trend of wedding patterns are personality and customization. Common forms of customized wedding include  grass wedding, garden wedding, snow wedding and beach wedding. This time, the wedding […]

07Mar 2017
My Tent Out Of Ordinary

Aluminium Alloy Tent is a special structure and has been used in various sectors. The exterior of tent looks like normal buildings, but not made of cement and concrete iron. What kind of house the tent is? Also what kind of role does tent play in society? Tent Specialist – LIRI clears up your confusion. Aluminium […]

07Mar 2017
The Monet In Impression The Tent In Strength

For those who have a basic understanding of art, it is well known that Monet( Full name Claude Monet), featured by creating with light and shadow, is hailed as the “Father of Impressionism.” 2016 is the 90th anniversary of Claude Monet’s death, and Liri Tent provided a “mobile museum” for the Monet art exhibition held […]

07Mar 2017
Double Decker Tent For Sport Events

Spectators at sporting events want to be as close to the action as possible. But how do you design a VIP space when you don’t know which direction fans will face to view the event? The solution to get guests closest to competition was to build the structure between the two fields with tiered seating […]

07Mar 2017
A Event Reception Highlights Natural Exterior Elements Inside A Tent

You don’t hear this very often from the people who bring a bride’s vision to life for her wedding reception celebration. But now it is the truth that a event reception highlights natural exterior elements inside a tent. Open-air design For a client, it was the dense, lush wooded area that she wanted featured in the […]

07Mar 2017

The 14th International Automotive Exhibition in Beijing which lasted 10 days finally ended successfully. The topic for this year is innovation and transformation. Therefore, lots of enterprises shower innovative acts. These new technologies impressed spectators attendant. Exhibitors of companies, countries, brands and motorcycle types in this time are the most massive in theworld so far. […]

07Mar 2017
To Achieve Green New Mobile Storage Warehouse Tents

In order to improve the ecological environment, and improve the efficiency of resource utilization, the whole society are in the implementation of green logistics, green storage, business logistics and logistics enterprises,but how to do it green storage? To do a good job in green storage, enterprises to maximize the use of existing resources, achieve warehouse […]