Tent Ideas

Cover Your Swimming Pool

There are two types of swimming pools: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor swimming pool has fresh air and sunshine. You can enjoy the sunshine while swimming. But it also has disadvantages. There is no shade for the outdoor swimming pool, and it is easy to get sunburn and heatstroke in summer. Our custom swimming pool […]

weight plate

How to Set Up a Wedding Tent on a Concrete Slab? Generally, we have three methods to build a wedding tent. They are steel anchor, expandable bolts and weight plate. It depends on what kinds of ground for tent and how long for service time. With fabricated structure design for temporary use, wedding tents have […]

aluminum alloy tent frame

What do you do? When we have already set up an event tent. The activity items, staff, spectators, etc. are already in place, but suddenly the wind is blowing. What is the wind load of the tent? First, let’s first take a look at the structure’s materials of the event tent. The standard event tent […]

entrance in outdoor event tent

The reasonable entrance of the tent has an impact on the whole event. The general principle of creat entrance in an outdoor event tent is according to the surrounding facilities. When creating the entrance, we put two factors in the first place. They are safety and convenience. For example, the parking lot, the bathroom, the […]

graduation party tent decorating ideas

In the golden time of the year, many of you are graduated, you are in the age of pursuing freedom and you have your personality. Do you want a graduation party to close the nature? If you want, choose the Liri Structure to hold this party. You will enjoy it and do need not worry […]

PVC fabric frame tent

Pole Tents vs Frame Tents Many People often ask what is difference between frame tent and pole tent. In fact, they are both suitable for an outdoor wedding but have great differences in structure. Pole Tent The structure of the pole tent is relatively simple. It consists mainly of the main support rod and the […]

clear top wedding marquee tents for sale

Nowadays many people like to make an outdoor wedding. The outdoor wedding will not lack the tent which the place of ceremony. How to plan an outdoor tent wedding? The size of the wedding tent should take into account the number of people attending the wedding and budget issues. And also we need to focus […]

6m height of event tent

How tall is a frame tent? Many friends asked me how to choose a suitable height event tent for outdoor events. This time, I will answer all your questions. What is the height of the event tent? An event tent is an important place for an outdoor event. You can determine the size of the […]

wedding Reception tent

What size tent do I need for a wedding? Wedding is the most important day for a person. The choice of wedding venue will affect the atmosphere there. So how do you determine the size of the wedding tent? So that it seems neither crowded nor empty? You need to pay attention to the following […]

Choose a proper ground for wedding tent

Wedding tents are a very popular product for our company, so how to build a wedding tent? Choose a proper ground The choice of venue must be determined by the size of the tent. It is better to use an open area. But if it is sand land or another soft land, our company can […]