Tent Ideas

18Mar 2019

The 20×40 meter tents produced by Liri tents are widely used in weddings, parties, exhibitions, and various small and medium events. So when we purchased a tent of this size, how many tables should be placed in the tent? Usually, we need to consider activities. Different activities, the number of people in the 20×40 meter […]

15Mar 2019

How to decorate a canopy tent for a wedding? It is necessary for the new couples who wanna hold an outdoor wedding, which will enhance the whole atmosphere of the wedding to be warmer and more harmonious. How to decorate your own unique wedding tent? Liri Tent will help you create your own special wedding. […]

11Mar 2019
frame tent

With the progress of the times, people’s thoughts have also changed. Most of the young people prefer having different parties in an outdoor party tent. When you well planned a party and you have to cancel it due to the weather and place, which makes you feel more frustrated is you spent lots of money, […]

04Mar 2019

How to set up electrical for a tent wedding? Electricity is almost a necessity for a wedding tent. Lightings, air conditioning, and stage performances and so on are all dependent on electricity. Wedding tents are different from traditional wedding venues. Electricity needs to be considered in advance. If your wedding is during the day and […]

27Feb 2019

What tent should I get for an event? Want to host a unique and memorable wedding ceremony? A tent may be a good choice. With the changes of the times, traditional weddings in the restaurant can no longer meet the needs of newcomers. Now more and more newcomers will choose to build a tent to […]

18Feb 2019

How to control the temperature in a tent? Now, choosing tents for outdoor events becomes more and more popular. Some people may ask how to control the temperature inside the tent. In the hot summer, cooling is important. In order to cool a tent, you can choose block-out PVC fabric as roof cover. Our block-out […]

12Feb 2019

What kind of lighting to use for a tent wedding? Nowadays the wedding is not only fantastic in the outside but also needs decoration inside of the tent. So how many lights do I need, this is the question that we need to figure out. The choice of lighting is related to the design of […]

24Jan 2019

A warm backyard wedding will make the wedding atmosphere more intense. It is very convenient to hold a wedding in your backyard no need to book the venue in advance. The backyard wedding is perfect for couples who like the outdoor environment and want to enjoy the private spaces. But it’s not easy to hold […]

21Jan 2019

Party tents have been popular since their inception. Simple building process, comfortable and spacious indoor space and environment are the reason why the party tent becomes so popular. Setting up tents on the outdoor grass, it does not only create a vibrant party but also enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. However, sometimes there […]

17Jan 2019

With the development of society, more and more people choose wedding tents as a venue for weddings. But many people are worried about the cost. now, let’s learn about the cost of purchasing a wedding tent. How much do wedding tents cost? Wedding tents are widely used around the world. Wedding tents are popular with […]