For enterprises, storage space is a common challenge. Traditional buildings as warehouses, are expensive to use and unable to flexibly respond to spatial adjustments. Ordinary sunshades cannot cope with adverse weather conditions. Therefore, many companies will choose aluminum alloy warehouse tents.

Our aluminum alloy warehouse tent is a low-cost storage space solution. Compared to traditional buildings used as warehouses, the prefabricated design of the aluminum alloy warehouse tent can be customized according to needs. The span of 3-80 meters can meet most storage needs, especially the length can be infinitely extended. Depending on the size of the site, the space can be expanded accordingly. In addition, the design without columns helps to better identify and classify indoor goods, discharge according to performance or model, and improve work efficiency.


Different industries have different demands for warehousing. Generally speaking, the storage space needs to have conditions such as safety, dryness, ventilation, and easy drainage. It also needs to be convenient for regular operation and maintenance, with neatly arranged goods, and a larger required space area. In order to facilitate the entry and exit of goods, Liri has designed multiple warehouse specific doors, such as flexible lifting doors, stacked electric sliding doors, electric rolling gates, etc., to facilitate the entry and exit of forklifts and the transportation of goods.


In terms of safety, in order to maintain a constant temperature, an insulation layer can be added to the ceiling to effectively insulate and avoid damage to mechanical equipment caused by high temperatures. The sidewalls can choose ABS solid walls or sandwich panel walls to effectively protect indoor goods. To solve the problem of water seepage on rainy days, Liri Architecture usually recommends building waterproof barriers around to prevent rainwater from entering and better protect the indoor environment.

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Therefore, as a storage space, it not only has lower costs, but also can adjust the space size at any time, and can be quickly built to meet the temporary needs of enterprises.