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Geodesic Dome Tent

Width: 3m - 60m


PVC Geodesic Dome for Sale

The simple design marquee tent is too common for your event? Do you want a special design outdoor space? Now LIRI develops the latest tent product—The Geodesic Dome Tent which brings you a new experience.

  • Full of Visual Impact

  • Sense of Science & Technology Experience

  • Fast Installation and Dismantle

  • Multiple Application and Functions

Geodesic Dome Tent is not offering a unique shape, but also it has strong and sturdy structure. Based on the most stable triangles in the geometry, formed by the combination of a sphere, but the spherical interior does not need any object to support, which is a robust and solid structure.

Geodesic Dome Tent Types:

The Geodesic Dome Tent adopts special high-strength steel pipes, which is under galvanized or paint processing, and it can withstand the level of 11 wind, and also in line with Australia DIN410231, M2 standard. Also, Liri adopts the high-quality PVC fabric to make the roof covers, never fade, anti-mildew, and block out, and it is dustproof, windproof, keep warm and so on. In addition, there are also a variety of optional accessories available, such as air conditioning, VIP floor, ceiling interior, transparent roof covers, glass doors, gorgeous lighting, sound system and so on.

  • Main Profile: Material: Steel Q235, hot-dip, double-sided galvanized, powder coated white
  • Cover:
    Material: Double PVC-coated polyester fabric
    Weight: 650g/m² (translucent), 850/m² (opaque)
    Features: Waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM
  • Wind Loading:  100km/hour

Geodesic Dome Tent also can be used with all clear roof covers, it makes the whole structure bright and transparent with sunlight. And it shines the most colorful lighting effect to all the guests. No matter it is for large-scale events or celebrations, exhibitions with big large capacity space, the Geodesic Dome Tent can be to meet all your requirements.

Geodesic Dome Tent adopts the modular structure, easy to set up, and all the PVC covers can be folded. The packing is small and light weight frames after dismantled, it can effectively save the labor time and manpower costs. This is very good too for rapid installation.

Geodesic Dome Tent Video

Diameter Ceiling Height Floor Area Frame Pipe Size Capacity
5 m / 16.40 feet 2.9 m / 9.51 feet 19.6 m² Φ 26 mm / 1.02 inch 15-35 people
12 m / 39.37 feet 6 m / 19.69 feet 113 m² Φ 33 mm / 1.30 inch 55-105 people
15 m / 49.21 feet 6.72 m / 22.05 feet 176.6 m² Φ 33 mm / 1.30 inch 110-230 people
20 m / 65.62 feet 10 m / 32.81 feet 314 m² Φ 38 mm / 1.50 inch 250-550 people
30 m / 98.43 feet 13 m / 42.65 feet 706.5 m² Φ 48 mm / 1.89 inch 650-1200 people
40 m / 131.23 feet 15 m / 49.21 feet 1256 m² Φ 51 mm / 2.01 inch 1800-2500 people
50 m / 164.04 feet 20 m / 65.62 feet 1962.5 m² Φ 48 mm / 1.89 inch 3100-3800 people
60 m / 196.85 feet 25 m / 82.02 feet 2826 m² Φ 51 mm / 2.01 inch 4500-5200 people
3m to 60m span width available to be customized.