The concept of space is more visual when the transparent event tents are used for big hotel events, new products release conference, fashion show, enterprise meeting, return banquet, and business annual meeting. The modern building design makes emotion and art more connected. So when the mobile buildings meet a good topic event, how’s the charming performance showed?

We provided a 15m x 25m transparent event tent with a clear roof and blue & white curtain for a big hotel, which was set up in the grass. The transparent even tent provided simple interiors with a touch of elegance.
transparent event tents

It’s a big challenge as it’s always to make people feel depressed when people were in permanent buildings. However, Liri Structure provided a special event as it used a transparent event tent which could make the tent space much spacious and offered many chances of creative performance for the event.
Transparent event tents

Liri Structure has more optional accessories and different kinds of solutions make special and fashionable events for business meetings, new products release conferences, promotion events, advertisements, and so on. Liri Structure is a very good choice for you. We are dedicated to offering professional, efficient, accurate, reliable, personality, and considerate service. And Liri Structure will make your events become more elegant and guarantee.