How tall is a frame tent?

Many friends asked me how to choose a suitable height event tent for outdoor events. This time, I will answer all your questions.

What is the height of the event tent?

An event tent is an important place for an outdoor event. You can determine the size of the tent based on the area of ​​the event. The ceiling height of a standard tent is 5.16m and the side height is 3.3m, 0.5 higher than the average residential floor 2.8m height, it is a breeze to hold events at such height.

How to choose the height?

Each event is organized in a different place. A regular height event tent will be suitable for general events, but at the same time, we need to consider whether there will be some large equipment needed to be placed in the event tent, or the top decoration problem, in this case, we will customize a unique design event tent.

Is the height of the event tent fixed?

The height of the tent is not fixed. Like some large events, when you need to place some professional equipment for shooting and stage layout, the common tent height will not meet the current needs, we can provide you with customized services, according to the actual situation of the event and provide you with different height tent buildings. Hosting events at different heights event tent will bring clients different feelings, space will be more spacious and comfortable.

What is the effect of different height event tent?

When you need more space, the tent can be designed as two story tents or triple decker tents, so you will have two or three floors of use area, arranging the space suitably to make the event more colorful, and the wall can be designed with glass walls to make the event more gorgeous and fashionable.