Commercial Event Tent

The features of the outdoor temporary tent are rationally utilized and applied to more flexible scenes. This is also the reason why more and more people use commercial event tents. We can customize the size of the commercial event tent according to the site size and customer requirements to make use of the area.

Commercial event tents do not require welding in the process of installation, will neither produce construction waste, nor destroy the ground environment, and it possesses the features of being able to be disassembled at any time and recycled. It is all done with accurate cutting technology and a rigorous fitting process for each aluminum alloy and fabric, which is assembled easily and more securely. Moreover, the aluminum material is lightweight to be transported advantageously. Even in malls that are already in operation, It can also be built without realizing it.

The span of the Liri Structure can be selected from 3m to 60m. The inner is more spacious and bright, and the interior space availability is high. You can also choose a variety of colors wood floor or carpet on your preferences. The option of glass double doors at the entrance adds texture. As long as you have enough imagination, there is more fresh gameplay on a commercial event tent that waiting for you to unlock.

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