Warehouse Tents

The warehouse tents that we design and manufacture have the advantages of low construction cost, short delivery period, long service life, and less environmental damage, because of modular designs, standard manufacturing, and assembly installation. Nowadays, it’s an ideal choice for more and more customers who have flexible storage requirements.

However, also some customers are still pausing and pondering as they have no idea about this kind of structure. So let’s help you to know more about our modular warehouse tents.

Most people know that PVC fabric is waterproof, fire retardant, UV-resistant, anti-aging, and anti-fungus, it’s high quality and popular building material. Nevertheless, many people don’t know the simple PVC fabric has various patterns of manifestation.

Warehouse Tent PVC Fabric

  • Blockout PVC coordinates with translucent PVC not only ensures UV protection but also has a certain amount of natural lighting, which can help to reduce the cost of electricity.
  • The color we usually choose is white, but silver gray is more and more popular on aluminum marquees for its industrial style and not easy to be dirty. Besides, clients can also choose other colors or print logos.
  • For other special requirements like heat insulation and snow loading, please choose our Thermal Insulation Roof.

Warehouse Tent Frame

The normal frame can fulfill most requirements for warehouses. It can be installed and removed flexibly and quickly, it’s the most economical solution for both short and long-term industrial storage. But if it’s used in some special regions or built at one location permanently, we must consider many issues, such as wind and snow loading and water drainage, then we have to do the customized designs, for example, Modular Truss Structure, TFS Curved Roof structure, extension eave, etc.

Sidewall for Warehouse Building

The walling of warehouse tents is diverse, too. The most common and cost-effective one is PVC fabric, which can be used in most environments. However, if you have the request for the safety of inventory or want it to be insulated, then steel sandwich walls are a good option. This kind of hard wall improves the overall safety of the structure and is more suitable for long-term use. Additionally, the height of the wall is very flexible. Normal heights are 4m/5m/6m. Customized height can be 8m and even 10m. You can also choose doors, windows, exhaust fans, lightings, drainage sinks, etc., which can improve its industrial properties of the aluminum building and perfect the warehouse tent.

There is a variety of fixing solutions for warehouse tents. No matter its cement ground, sand, earth, or even the ground that is not allowed to be damaged, warehouse tents can be installed efficiently and movable. Whatever it’s long-term or short-term usage, permanent or mobile usage, small area or massive area, as you wish, a customized and suitable storage solution can be worked out by Liri Architecture for you.

Warehouse Tent Video

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