Badminton Hall

Our badminton hall is constructed using modular aluminum construction, utilizing unused space in the city. Even unconventional site shapes and sizes can be rationally utilized to meet the needs of sports space.

Badminton hall requires no ground infrastructure, so it can be built quickly, at a rate of up to 2,000 square meters per day. Its cost is lower than traditional venues, creating a unique all-weather assembly badminton hall.

To provide a more comfortable indoor environment, the badminton hall of Liri has been brilliantly designed in terms of roof cover and walls. The roof cover is treated with a double-layer fabric, with 75mm double-sided coated fiberglass insulation cotton added in the middle. The walls have a choice of sandwich panel walls or insulated glass curtain walls as the wall material. This not only realizes thermal insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter but also provides excellent sound insulation. Even if it is built on a noisy street, it allows people to focus on sports.

In addition, we can customize the side height to 8 meters, 10 meters, or even higher according to the demand, and provide a variety of shapes such as herringbone roofs, curved roofs, polygon roofs, dome roofs, etc., to meet the needs of indoor badminton venues in all aspects.

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