Auto Show Tent

A successful new car press conference is not only about showing cars, but also about brand image and value. it can widely spread information through media shows and promote new cars to consumers, so as to attract people’s attention and achieve buying inclination. Therefore, the atmosphere at the scene can directly affect the overall brand image.

Using the temporary tent structure to create a closer to the theme of the outdoor temporary exhibition hall is now a better option.
LIRI has reached cooperation with a number of automobile enterprises since its establishment, with various tent products which can be easily diversified to meet the requirements of the different themes of the auto shows.

Aluminum & PVC A-shape tent is commonly used in auto show with a maximum of 60 meters span, compared with other special-shaped tents, although the appearance of the A-shape tent is normal, its outer covers a large area, that can be decorated with wonderful creative design, thus, it is easier to create a personalized theme auto show.

Pure white PVC fabric, is convenient for printing design and can create gorgeous visual effects just under the light, high-end sense highlights, the daytime elegant image suddenly bursts out of the color dream and is beautiful at night.

An opportunity to achieve your good idea is needed, The free layout inside the A-shape tents in LIRI can fulfill more colorful designs, the stage area and creativity can be quite unique from other car shows, any electronic products can be freely installed and built, the moment of light and shadow activated the atmosphere of the scene.

The design of non-columns inside can be divided into more flexible areas, such as the check-in area, interaction area, the main venue, sub-venue, VIP area, work area, etc., which can be ensured the activity is organized and orderly.

In order to enrich the view inside, it can be designed with PVC transparent fabric for side walls to create a sense of hierarchy, to enjoy the sight of outdoor natural scenery or car display through the window, and become one of the highlights of space design.

For nearly 30 years, LIRI Architecture has been focusing on prefabricated movable construction and has rich experience in cooperating with major automobile brand enterprises, which can provide you better solutions for activity tents.