Temporary Buildings

As the people diversified demands for the architecture, temporary buildings begin to enter the market and receive the positive response. In contrast to the traditional modular structures, the aluminum & fabric modular buildings design structure developed by Liri Structure is a new form.

We can provide a variety of temporary or permanent modular building and rich experience in designing and manufacturing, it can quickly adapt to the needs of various products, can be used in temporary warehouse, can be equipped with stadiums, commercial buildings, Military engineering and so on.

Compared with traditional architecture, Liri Structure’s temporary buildings system has following advantages:

  • Low cost

Modular design is not only saving material but also reduces the labor cost. Compared with the high price for the permanent construction, the modular construction is with a reasonable budget or even lower, and also low maintenance cost.

  • Rich appearance designs & perfect combination of designs and constructions

Modular design structure can be designed to incorporate elements that the users want, from shapes, materials to structural designs.

  • No special requirement for the foundation

Traditional permanent structures need to do the foundation preparation, and LIRI’s temporary buildings do not need a basic survey, deep excavation and other processes, and they can be quickly built on any short -term or long-term use of land and venues, such as public square, meadow, opening area, playground, park, campsites, tourist attractions, vacant building land or land to be developed.

  • Short construction period

Modular structures are simple designs, light materials, small work quantity, and quick assembly with the prefabricated components, thus the construction period is shortened.

  • Convenient and flexible

Whether for the assembly or the dismantling, all materials required are factory prefabricated, on-sited assembled, can be repeatedly erected and dismounted. While for the permanent structure, it cannot be moved or adjusted. Compared with the permanent structure, the assembly structure can be relocated at any time, or adjusted the sizes according to the needs.

  • Environment friendly

The traditional permanent structure requires a lot of cement and sand, and the span is limited, and it will leave a large quantity of construction waste whenever assembly or disassembly. The modular construction materials can be recycled, from installation to dismantle, leaving no construction waste, and to be a real environment-friendly. In the future, it can be moved according to the needs of urban planning, and do not occupy the land resources.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, there are growing demands of mobile space in the future, no matter for what kind of occasion, or events, a comfortable space is the first priority. Choosing LIRI’s fabric modular buildings, it will provide you with a perfect temporary space solution.

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