White Event Marquee for Ceremony

White Large Event Marquee for Open Ceremony

How to hold a groundbreaking ceremony without a suitable place or only a wasteland? If you use our white event marquee, it will no longer be annoying. Our event tents can be freely sited, With no special requirements for the ground and quick landing. The marquee tents are wind and rain resistant and can be quickly removed when we do not need them, no effect on the environment.

Recently, we set up a 25x30m white event marquee to hold a groundbreaking ceremony at the project site. Because the construction place is a wasteland of wasteland, the ground is rugged, and it is impossible to build a tent directly. We choose to use the Ringlock Scaffolding System, firstly we build scaffolding to level the ground, and then build the tent on a horizontal scaffolding platform. A temporary aluminum tent was successfully built to help the event to be held successfully.

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