Industrial Tents

Our industrial tents are so flexible that custom sizes tents are available according to the site. Thus, it would save you lots of time. Made of high-quality materials, industrial tents can withstand harsh weather. The industrial tent cover is light and durable, but strong enough to resist strong wind and rain. The aluminum alloy tent frame is specially designed for withstanding more weight with lighter material. Therefore, all the features make it perfect for temporary or semi-permanent factories and warehouses.

The main advantage of the industrial tent lies in its modular design, which allows it to creates of different functional areas through different combinations and fully meets various needs based on reality. Its various fixing methods can adapt to different ground environments without causing ecological damage, thus greatly avoiding the troubles of construction waste and construction noise, which realizing green storage.

To meet individual needs

The appearance of the industrial tent can be customized according to the existing site, which has strong practicability, and flexible regional management.

Rapid construction, saving cost

The cost of industrial tents is far lower than the traditional industrial buildings. Whether it is the approval process or the construction of the project, the labor and time costs are saved to the greatest extent. What is important is that modular structure allows the tent to be easily dismantled, transform and move, which greatly reduces the cost issue caused by the need for expansion and migration in the later period.

Highly flexible

In addition to the factory buildings, industrial tents also solve a variety of storage problems, effectively replacing permanent buildings. It only takes a few days to quickly and efficiently build new temporary (semi-permanent) warehouses, thus doubling the efficiency.

  • Airport solution

Increase the construction of infrastructure, from the fully functional terminal building to the baggage handling and warehouse facilities, expand the airport capacity.

  • Port solution

It is important to have storage space at ports, wharves, and seaports. Modular self-defined storage and transshipment tents can be built quickly, every inch of open space could be used rationally to increase practical space.

  • Agricultural solution

No matter the storage problem or the housing demand, the industrial tent can be quickly realized and put into use. The ground requirement is less, and the tent can be built at any location, thus, it is a good choice to replace traditional buildings.

  • Logistics solution

In the era of online shopping, the workload of logistics companies is heavy. Many logistics companies are faced with the problem of expansion. Industrial tents could freely expand the space capacity, increase the logistics lines, and infinitely extend the tent area to solve the expansion problem.

Engineering solution: A project site requires a lot of space for office, storage, housing needs, etc. Industrial tents can not only quickly assemble, but also provide multi-story buildings selections to create a spacious, safe, and well-equipped working environment.

Ensure safety, solve temporary storage

The truss system of semi-permanent aluminum warehouse tents can last over 20 years. The sandwich panel wall can adapt to the extremely cold temperature of – 10 °C degrees. The unique inflatable roof design has the advantages of UV resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof, and snow load resistance, and is able to achieve higher safety performance, thus realizing an integrated new storage space and meets the warehouse demand for enterprises.

Complete configurations & intelligent system

In detail, the industrial tent is equipped with rolling doors, single-opening working doors, crash barriers, drainage channels, etc. Besides, the tent structure is also equipped with ventilation windows, drainage pipes, lamps, air conditioners, ventilation, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, surveillance cameras. Also intelligent systems such as auto lighting, fire control, monitoring, drainage, power, access control, and lightning protection. All functions can meet various demands both functionally and operationally.

Liri Tent provides you with an exclusive industrial tent structure, with one-to-one customized designs, which effectively and reasonably solve your practical problems, provide you with 100% utilization space and serve you online 24 hours a day!