Indoor Basketball Court

Under the scorching sun in summer, the temperature of the outdoor basketball court is so high that many basketball fans turn their eyes to the indoor basketball court. Most large-scale basketball matches will be held indoors, so there is no need to fear the sun and the rainstorm. The indoor basketball court cover developed by us has high-quality outdoor ventilation, while you can enjoy the experience of the indoor basketball hall

This is a new type of aluminum alloy Indoor Basketball Court Cover that is different from the traditional structure. It adopts a modular design which makes it easy to set up in a short time. You can also transform an outdoor basketball court into an indoor court.

Liri structure’s indoor basketball court cover can be customized according to the size of the basketball court, with a maximum clear span of 60 meters and an unlimited extension. The sliding transparent PVC curtain wall can be installed inside, which can not only shield the wind and rain but also open to keep the indoor air flowing.

Compared with the dim outdoor lights and simple equipment, our indoor basketball court cover can install a unique lighting system for basketball venues to ensure a bright indoor sports environment. With super flexibility, you can also install a unique floor inside the stadium to meet the venue requirements of professional events.

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