Commercial Tents

With outdoor commercial events becoming more and more trending, there are also more and more abundant commercial event planning ideas. But how do you outstand among high-end events and catch the public’s attention in the first place? A variety of luxurious commercial tents from LIRI is the answer, their multiple styles can perfectly meet the needs of outdoor space applications.

There are many types of tents for commercial events, no matter the size or the color. The roof cover and the front wall can be painted in event-themed patterns to carry out your creative and stunning design.

Among them, the geodesic dome is more popular in high-end events, not only because of its unique dome structure but more importantly, its interior is covered with a special projection screen, which can be combined with holographic projection technology to create an immersive experience. The excellent visual effect makes it a very creative event venue.

Another very popular one is the transparent frame tents, which looks like a huge crystal building in the sun, with a very clean and nit style. There is no decoration that can be more beautiful than the natural sky. Removing those drapes and decorations can highlight the style of the transparent tent, especially at night, when the lights and stars in the sky shine.

No matter what type of commercial application, our commercial tents can show their unique charm, and satisfy whatever requirements you may have.

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