Emergency Response Tents

We can make quick responses against emergency; Large warehouses have sufficient inventory which can save time and costs, and a real emergency solution for medical space.

  • The size can be adjusted at any time, extend or shorten by 3m or 5m.
  • Various fixing methods can be fixed without special requirements on the ground.
  • The maximum span up to 80m, no center column design, to meet the large space design that can be freely controlled.
  • All the components are prefabricated and can be 100% removable assembly, which is convenient for expanding and shortening or move anytime.
  • Against the epidemic situations and viruses, it can meet the space needs of any link in the entire medical rescue process.
  • All materials are 100% recyclable, which will not cause pollution to the environment, and are consistent with sustainable ecological development.
  • Liri Structure has branches, sales teams, and construction teams in multiple locations at home and supports worldwide sales and order delivery.

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