Pop-up Shop Tent for Temporary Stores

Fabric Modular Structure for Temporary Pop-up Shop

The store brings us the general impression, it’s an unmovable space, the stream of people is restricted, so it’s hard to get the suitable goods for some customers whose place is far away from the store, especially for some clients who have real demands for the goods, but nowhere to buy. How do we solve these problems?

Now we would like to introduce our pop-up shop tent for you. Did you hear the tent-style pop-up store? We believe the tent impression for many people is used for big events, exhibitions, weddings and so on. But tent application is far more than that. pop-up shop tents integrate the functions and characteristics of traditional stores with our tent functions, overcome the shortcomings of traditional stores. It’s a good choice for you.


Fabric structure for the temporary pop-up shop, it’s modular design and can be assembled and dismantled easily and repeatedly, short construction period, small storage and transportation volume, more importantly, with its strong flexibility, this type tent store is not only perfect for long-term use but also suitable for short-term usage. This moveable tent store is much efficient than a traditional store. Our Fabric Modular Structure Tent is also suitable for small temporary exhibition halls, a temporary sale shop, temporary service point etc. As this tent can be installed on various kinds of ground with low cost, so the maintenance is simple. Many new characteristics are increased while inherited the functions from the traditional permanent building.


Pop-up shop tent for temporary stores. All of our operations are strictly conducted in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality control standards. Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy is adopted for frameworks. The roof covers and sidewalls are made of flame-retardant double PVC-coated polyester textile, flame retardant to DIN4102.B1.M2 and CFM/NFPA701. It’s durable, wind-proof, UV resistant and waterproof, it reaches European standards. Liri Structure also offers some optional accessories, such as clear PVC covers, clear PVC windows, tempered glass doors, flooring, air conditioning etc.

Please feel free to contact LIRI team if you have any question or quest. We will figure out the best solution according to your requirements. We believe this temporary pop-up shop tent will bring you extraordinary benefits.

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