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Big Tent

Width: 10m - 25m

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Clear Span Big White Tent

The clear span of the Big Tent-BT Series is 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 21m, and 25m. The main profile size is 204x120x4mm and the modular structure can be increased and decreased in the bay distance of 5m according to the clients’ request. The main frameworks (upright support and roof beam) are manufactured of high impact extruded anodized aluminum (6061/T6). The PVC covers use PVC-coated polyester textile and flame retardance which is based on the European standard DIN 4102B1, M2.

There are also many different styles sand shapes like square, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal, dodecagonal, and double-decker. All clear span big tent structures are available with a complete range of accessories. These accessories include sidewalls with clear windows, ground anchors, weight plate, lining, glass wall system, ABS hard wall system, etc.

Clear-span Width Eave Height Top Height Bay Distance
10m 3.88m 5.3m 5m
12m 3.88m 5.83m 5m
15m 3.88m 6.3m 5m
16m 3.88m 6.5m 5m
18m 3.88m 6.9m 5m
20m 3.88m 7.1m 5m
21m 3.88m 7.28m 5m
25m 3.88m 7.88m 5m