Prefabricated Badminton Hall Building

We can customize the Prefabricated Badminton Hall Building based on the badminton field, which has a very flexible feature. It can be built as large as the field is, which not only makes reasonable use of field resources but also achieves greater space utilization.

We have developed a tent size of 40 meters wide and 140 meters long based on the on-site situation and designed a height of 7 meters. All materials are prefabricated in the factory and assembled. The construction of the entire badminton hall can be completed in a short time. To highlight the theme of the gymnasium and attract more attention, we can also customize patterns and colors outside the gymnasium.

One difference from the past is that to achieve better thermal insulation, we have adopted a three-layer design at the roof, adding 75mm double-sided coated glass fiber insulation cotton between the inner and the outer PVC roof covers to achieve better indoor temperature sensation. To upgrade the luxury and texture of the tent hall, the Prefabricated Badminton Hall Building adopts sandwich walls in all aspects. When air conditioning is installed indoors, it can better lock in the cold/warm air, making the room temperature more obvious, and directly avoid sunlight to prevent glare. It can more accurately capture the trajectory of badminton and play every beautiful ball! In addition, sandwich walls also have outstanding sound insulation effects.

Type of Tents

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