Badminton Court Covers

In order to meet the need for more and more sports venues, people began to plan to build temporary stadiums in cities to allow more people to meet their sports needs. The key to building badminton court covers in urban open spaces is to design according to local conditions and build venues without destroying the original environment.

In the above projects, Liri Structure skillfully integrated the badminton court with the surrounding environment, retained the original tree positions, and customized badminton court covers according to the site conditions. Its appearance is very flexible, which cannot be achieved by traditional buildings. You can freely design the layout of the entire badminton court covers, and the design of the aluminum alloy structure also ensures its structural stability and long-term durability. The interior sports area of the badminton court covers is designed in gray tones, in line with modern aesthetics. Gray gives a calm and calm visual experience.

In recent years, in order to meet people’s sports needs, badminton court covers have become a better choice. In addition, Liri Structure uses urban open spaces including under bridges, roofs, parks, etc. to build different sports venues without destroying the existing environment.

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