Indoor Badminton Court

Have you encountered the same troubles? Want to play badminton but can’t find a suitable venue. It can create an all-weather sports venue for you with our indoor Badminton Court solution.

The above gallery project is our construction of an Indoor Badminton Court. It used to be an open space, which has been transformed into a professional badminton training venue. The stadium has complete supporting facilities, such as sports lighting systems, air conditioning systems, and fire fighting systems. We have also added functional areas such as internal partition walls, cloakrooms, storage rooms, and lounges in the venue. Water barriers are built around the inside of the stadium, and drainage ditches are built outdoors to prevent rainwater from flowing back and keep the interior dry, and it can be operated 24 hours a day.

Our Indoor Badminton Court is a semi-permanent building with aluminum alloy structures. It has the characteristics of cost-saving and fast construction. You can expand or disassemble according to actual needs, which is different from traditional fixed-building stadiums. Our Indoor Badminton Court does not have too many restrictions and requirements on the venue. You can build on any open space or directly on the original outdoor site.

Badminton has certain requirements for the height of the space. We recommend using higher-top tent types, such as Polygon Top Tent, TFS Curved Roof Tent. 20m x 15m is recommended for a single badminton hall, 25m x 18m is recommended for a double badminton hall, and a design with a side height of 6m or more is recommended. We can also customize 8m, 10m, and other higher side heights according to customer needs to meet more space needs.

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