Frame Tents

Large Tent

Width: 30m - 60m

Tent Hall

Width: 30m - 40m

Big Event Tent

Width: 20m - 30m

Big Tent

Width: 10m - 25m

Dome Tent

Width: 10m - 20m

High Peak Tent

Width: 10m - 15m

Gala Marquee

Width: 10m - 20m

Huge Tent

Width: 40m - 60m

The framework of frame tent structure is manufactured by hard pressed extruded and light aluminum alloy, which is flexible to adjust the size. The tent can be installed at any outdoor places with no internal frame. Our frame tent structure can be used as a temporary shelter for outdoor weddings, parties and other events with resistance, wind resistance, and other capabilities.

Frame Tent Applications