Frame Tents

Large Tent

Width: 30m - 60m

Tent Hall

Width: 30m - 40m

Big Event Tent

Width: 20m - 30m

Big Tent

Width: 10m - 25m

Dome Tent

Width: 10m - 20m

High Peak Tent

Width: 10m - 15m

Gala Marquee

Width: 10m - 20m

Huge Tent

Width: 40m - 60m

Frame Tents are one of the best selling tents series. Width varies from 3m to 60m (196ft), length is unlimited. Frame Tents are popularly used for different kinds of outdoor events. They can be fixed on different kinds of ground surface, like grassland, earth, asphalt or concrete. There is no pole inside and no extra framework around the sides, 100% inside space are available.

Frame Tents are heavy duty tents. They are made of hard-pressed aluminum alloy, they are stable enough to use under high wind loading. The roof cover is PVC fabric. Except for the standard white color, we also provide other colors to meet with different clients’ needs, such as, blue, green, yellow and black. Sidewalls are available to create enclosed spaces, they can be PVC fabric sidewall or hard wall system, like the glass wall. In terms of design, you can choose A shape or other special design, like geodesic dome tents, two-story tents etc. You can find what you want in our factory.

Features of PVC Frame Tents

  • Available for different kinds of ground surface
  • Classic and artistic design
  • No pole inside, 100% space available
  • Available for permanent use and temporary use
  • Modular design, flexible size
  • Waterproof, flame retardant, high wind loading, stable and long lifespan