Frame Tent Wedding for Wedding Reception

Wedding Tent Frame from PVC

A ceremonial wedding is the most memorable moment for everyone. Many new couples are dreaming of the wedding which can be close to nature but concerns the unstable weather. And the frame wedding tent could help the new couples to hold a wedding without affected by the weather, and enjoy the indoor area and the outdoor beautiful scenery.

Without Being Restricted by the Venue

Different from the wedding mode that limited in the permanent construction, the frame tent wedding has a new performance. Perhaps your dream wedding is in a backyard, a forest, or even a beach, the frame wedding tent could make what you are thinking about come true, offering a perfect solution for the outdoor wedding without being restricted by the venue.

Multi-element Wedding Tent Design

While for the shape, it is also different the traditional wedding mode, you could choose a multi-element wedding tent design, such as the High peak shape, Dome shape, Curve shape, polygon design or even transparent glass walls, which will offer people a refreshing feeling. Also, our products are the modular design, and the size could be customized, which greatly improves the utilization of indoor space. You please contact our sales representatives to choose the most suitable wedding tent for your needs, it could come with flowers, chandeliers, curtains, ribbons, and balloons…These simple decorations will make the frame wedding tent into a very romantic space.

Fully Considered the Weather Factor

The weather problem is the most concerned issue for new couples who want to hold outdoor weddings. The frame wedding tent provided by Liri Structure has fully considered the weather factor. Even on the rainy days, it could block all the wind and rain and help you to complete an unforgettable dream outdoor wedding.

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