20×50 Frame Wedding Marquee for Sale

20 by 50 Big Wedding Marquee Decorations

Elaborate advance preparation is very necessary for the ideal wedding. Currently, lots of married couples held their weddings at a specific time, but this will be more difficult to book a hotel for the wedding. However, what can we do if cannot locate a hotel?

Makes Your Wedding More Natural and Luxurious

Recently, LIRI set up a 20×50 frame wedding marquees for a couple in a vacant lot, but our frame marquee tent is different from other Marquees with canvas or plastic shed, LIRI frame wedding Marquees have the high-quality function of waterproof, wind resistance, and flame retardance, with decorations like lights, curtains, and fresh flowers, you cannot say it is inferior to a hotel. Comparing with the indoor hotel, you can acquire clean air which makes your wedding more natural and luxurious. Everyone might believe that they are in a five-star hotel.

There are various colors of selection for the 20×50 frame wedding Marquee which will make different atmospheres. We are confident our experiences of layout won’t let you down.

Of course, we can offer numerous solutions on the basis of your theme because we have abundant specifications with plenty of sizes. No matter on the beach, or hotel and grass, even villa or your garden etc, we can design your own customized frame wedding Marquee.

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