Commercial Frame Tent

20×40 Commercial Frame Tent

We offer commercial frame tent for an event, which is used for temporary exhibition hall, commercial conference hall, and restaurant. The reason to choose the aluminum alloy tent that is because it can solve the problem that there is no indoor venue to hold activities. According to the demand of the activity, we built two commercial frame tents on the open grassland. You can rest assured, our tent is very easy to be build up and make the activities go smoothly.

Compared with traditional permanent buildings, the internal space of commercial frame tent structure is larger, even if it can accommodate many people or large display materials, it will not appear oppressive. You can also hang some advertisements and spray paintings on high places for publicity, which is very suitable for holding commercial exhibitions and conferences. The frame tent is a customizable product, so the interior height can be customized, and the overall height can be customized according to the needs of the activity.

The internal space of commercial frame tents is also flexibly divided into several space areas according to the actual needs. Some are conference areas, some are display areas, and some are catering areas. They are all independent and connected spaces, which can communicate with each other and do not interfere with each other. We built a connecting hall between the conference room and the exhibition hall, with glass doors on both sides, and the balcony extending out just can see the sea view in the distance. The advantage of commercial frame tents. It can quickly put the lightweight building into the environment. Where there is a need, it can be built quickly.

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