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Tent Hall

Width: 30m - 40m

The tent hall modular structure can be increased or decreased in a bay distance of 5m according to the clients’ requirements.


Large Marquee Hall Tent

We providing customers with customized temporary space. hall tent offers a wide range of outdoor temporary spaces, such as outdoor parties, exhibition venues, and factory depots.

Marquee hall with 300x120x5mm high strength 6061-T6 aluminum frame, connecting steel parts and double-sided coated PVC fabric. All kinds of materials have a corresponding domestic and foreign testing and certification, fire retardant, wind loading and so on. Our products meet the international standards and use without affected by weather. 30-40 meters span tent can be used with a variety of tent accessories, such as air conditioning floor, ceiling, curtains and so on. Especially have the 30HP air conditioning for marquee hall tent, which can bring cooling in the hot summer.

The marquee hall tent has an unparalleled advantage over traditional buildings and steel structures. It is inexpensive and easy to build, with no pillars in its and makes full use of the space. The modular structure can be lengthened or shortened according to the user’s needs. At the same time, LIRI is equipped with experienced team and efficient logistics maintenance team, for customers to solve reliable after-sales support. Choose LIRI marquee hall tent, choose your best solution for reliable outdoor space.

Tent Hall Framework Profile

Tent Hall Applications

Clear-span Width Eave Height Top Height Bay Distance Main Profile
30 m / 98.43 feet 4 m / 13.12 feet 8.9 m / 29.20 feet 5 m / 16.40 feet 300 x 120 x 5 mm
40 m / 131.23 feet 4 m / 13.12 feet 10.5 m / 34.45 feet 5 m / 16.40 feet 300 x 120 x 5 mm