40 X 40 Frame Party Tent

Aluminum Frame Party Tent

Normally holding a party on the beach is in the open air. This time, we set up the frame party tent on the beach. It is designed with modular structures, which not only quickly solves the difficulties of the site, but also provides a full-featured temporary structure.

This 40 x 40 frame party tent top height is 12.5 meters and covers an area of 1,600 square meters. We use a pure white design on the exterior, so you can see it from a distance. The inside of the tent is designed in all black, and the feeling is completely different from the outside to the inside. Countless spotlights surround the stage, and the black cover design inside makes the party scene more dazzling, making the whole scene into the lighting.

Air Conditioning for Tent Party

We installed 30 sets of tent air conditioners inside the tent, which are located on the left, right, and rear of the tent. The supercooling effect allows guests to enter the tent without feeling the heat. Oversized LED screens are installed on both sides of the tent. Due to the large internal space of the tent, all stage lighting equipment can be perfectly installed in the tent.

Scaffolding Platform System

Because the 40 x 40 frame tent is built on the beach, the sand is easy to collapse, and the height difference is 0.6m-1.5m. In order to overcome the ground problem, the special scaffolding platform system of Liri Structure can adjust the height up and down freely to provide a flat surface for the tent. The tent and the platform are connected as one so that the tent can stand steadily on the beach. It not only solves the problem of sinking but also does not affect the appearance of the tent.

The Y-shaped stage design in the tent is not only novel and beautiful, but it can also be suitable for guests from all directions. The crowded scene is actually carefully designed. The number of guests and the size of the stage are planned. so the entire scene seems to be full of people, but it does not make people feel crowded. It is just suitable exactly.

Not only for guests but also arranged a lounge area for VIP customers to rest. The independent single sofa inside, illuminated by warm lights, showed a soft and warm feeling.

Most outdoor parties are in the open air, but this time Liri’s frame party tent has shown everyone a different experience.

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