PVC Frame Tent

30 x 45 PVC Frame Event Tent

Indoor events are limited by the site area, traffic conditions, surrounding environment and other factors. It will be a focus among the crowd if you pick the PVC frame tent for outdoor events.

For a successful event, it can leave a good and deep impression on our guests.  And this time, we have an outdoor new car show event. With the reflection of the sun and the beach, the tent facade is designed with artistry and personality. You could find out it is a PVC tent event when you walk in.

The 30 x 45 PVC frame tent is built directly on the green grass. It is different from ordinary activity place. You can decorate the interior and exterior to create an atmosphere of the event.  The tent has a large space inside. The stage design surrounded by a curved surface which is combined with the glass wall design, making the interior be a space with both science and technology and a sense of the future. When coupled with all-round lighting, it presents a unique activity for everyone.

The reason we adopt frame tent for activities is it has more excellent flexibility and feasibility, it can be quickly installed and disassembled, reused, and will not cause any damage to the surrounding environment during the construction process. We follow the new concept of Green Environmental Protection and believe such efficient event tent would be used by more fields.

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