Badminton Sports Halls

Nowadays, Badminton sports halls are very popular. Among the newly built sports venues in recent years, there is an increasing proportion of sports halls with temporary structures, and it has become the mainstream construction method today. Liri Structure has focused on temporary structures for many years, and continues to develop and innovate to enhance the experience of sports venues.

In order to pursue better cold-proof and thermal insulation performance, we use 75mm double-sided coated glass fiber insulation cotton on the roof, which strengthens the thermal insulation performance of the overall tent, reduces the air-conditioning load, saves energy, and is environmentally friendly. In addition, if you want to highlight personalized themes and designs, the surface of the tarpaulin can also be designed with inkjet printing. Different colors and patterns can be used and can be well distinguished from the surrounding buildings, which is very eye-catching.

The hollow glass wall is the finishing touch to enhance the entire Badminton sports halls. The hollow glass wall not only provides good lighting effects but also has safe and reliable performance. In order to achieve an immersive sports experience, the internal walls can be designed with soft cushioning to further improve the sound insulation and heat preservation effects, allowing the indoors to achieve a better body temperature and be more comfortable during exercise.

The advantages of Badminton sports halls go beyond this. The two-color inner membrane cloth makes the entire space more layered. The professional sports wooden floor enhances the high-end sense of the internal space. If you want to maintain indoor airflow, In addition to air conditioners, Liri also provides low-noise industrial ceiling fans, which are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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