Sporting Event Tents for FIBA

Outdoor Event Tents for Sporting Events

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup has been officially opened. This is the top basketball game, the intensity and excitement can be imagined. The exciting events in Beijing and Shenzhen are also in full swing. Basketball World Cup Shenzhen Station (Shenzhen Bay Sports Center), Beijing Station (Beijing Cadillac Arena), all tents are provided by the official partner Liri Structure. The Liri Structure offers a variety of sporting event tents for these two stations.

The Sports Center is filled with a strong basketball world cup atmosphere. In addition to huge posters and bus station billboards, there are various specifications of aluminum tents built up in the entire sports center.

We offer a variety of event tents, including VIP lounges, media center, ticket center, security awning, etc. Because there are many volunteers participating in the event services for the Shenzhen station game, these tents provide them with extremely convenient services and ensure the event is running smoothly.

Liri Structure congratulates FIBA Basketball World Cup for a complete success.

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