Sports Domes for Sale

Could we use the sports domes as indoor stadiums? Of course, sports domes are of flexible features, which enables them to meet different requirements of various sports events. It is indeed a perfect solution for an indoor gymnasium, football hall, tennis hall, or natatorium.

Lately, Liri provided a sports club with a 14m diameter sports dome, which is used as an indoor sports fitness experience hall. The sports dome project was a great success, and it brought unexpected business results to the organizers. It attracted a lot of visitors during the event because of its unique and environmental design, strong and safe structure. Besides, it perfectly solved the problems of use temporary buildings for outdoor events…

Also, ventilation openings and air duct openings could be opened in different points optionally, which enables the fresh air to circulate naturally inside the sports domes. And this makes it quite a comfortable place for visitors to do exercises. Besides, lighting is decorated around the top of the dome, ensuring adequate light in the dome at all times. Worthy to mention that the shape of the dome is round, the interior space could be fully used, say 100%. And this design would make visitors feel comfortable, without any crowding.

Sports domes adopt typical steel Q235 frame structure, which realizes no pollution and no bad smells. And there are not any unpleasant feelings when the visitors are inside the dome. Sports domes extremely easy to transport and install and greatly reduces the costs. It takes only a few days to complete the installation and then could be put to use immediately. Therefore, it is favored by customers both at home and abroad.

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