Indoor Football Field Structures

TFS Curved Roof Indoor Football Field

We can offer customized indoor football field structures ranging from 10m to 80m span, and the length is not restricted. This football field project with the design of the TFS curved structure not only highlights its elegant, fashionable style but also become the landmark of the scene.

Comfortable Indoor Football Field

The curved design of the indoor football field can resist strong wind and heavy snow loading provides the coaches and athletes ideal training site in bad weather. The spacious space in a football field, without any upright support, 100% of the internal space is utilized for football players to sweat heavily in passion. Meanwhile, given the intense exercise with air conditioning is inappropriate, we specially designed semicircle ventilation in the sidewalls all around so that the internal room achieved a good effect of ventilation, provided a very comfortable indoor football field.

Our sports tent structure is economical and practical, multi-functional and efficient. It can be also used for basketball, tennis and another stadium besides the indoor football field. We can provide you with reliable sports venues solution if you want to know more information.

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