Rooftop Basketball Court Cover Tent

Basketball Court with Cover

With the rise of street basketball culture in recent years across the country. When we talk about the development of street basketball, the construction of basketball courts in the city is an inevitable topic. Thinking about the most efficient use of the venue, the developer wants to use the empty space on the top of the office building, and transform it into a full-time comprehensive basketball hall. This is the basketball court cover tent built in the air and it is also the first real “high-altitude operation” that Liri Structure completed. At this point, we can’t help admiring the advantage of the modular structure, that it can be built as long as there is space, even on the top of the building.

Professional Basketball Court

Unlike the traditional basketball court takes a long time for construction, this project takes only one month from the material entry to the completion of indoor decoration and operation, which benefits from the structural advantages of fabric modular buildings, for the basketball court cover tent it just takes only a few days. In order to create a comfortable sports experience, the lighting and ventilation facilities in the basketball court cover tent are well considered. The design of the basketball court cover tent and air conditioners in the stadium provide an extremely comfortable sports environment. Professional sports facilities are built according to the configuration of professional basketball halls. Not only that, the entire stadium in addition to the theme sports area, but also equipped with sports equipment reserve area, commodity sales area, to ensure the healthy operation of the entire stadium system.

From the feedback of the basketball court cover tent, in the opening months, this project operates very well. On weekdays, a large number of basketball-loving friends come to play basketball. In addition to the regular organization of basketball matches, including some children’s basketball training. Basketball court tent has become the most popular high-end basketball training and competition base.

Rapid Construction and Dismantle

In order to build a professional basketball court in a short time, therefore, modular tent structure is a good option. Different from traditional buildings, aluminum tent structure has the advantages of rapid construction and dismantle. The main structure is adopted high strength industrial aluminum alloy, which has strong safety and adaptability. We could quickly build a basketball court cover tent on any empty spaces.

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