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Liri Semi-Permanent Soccer Stadiums Tent

For sports enthusiasts, it is relatively troublesome to organize sports and events in winter. Especially for team sports, such as soccer and basketball, there is a large demand for venues and special stadiums. Traditional gymnasiums and gymnasiums cannot fully meet this need.

All-Weather Soccer Arena

The Liri Semi-Permanent Soccer Stadiums Tent can not only use for various functional sports events but also provide tailor-made supporting functions. The most important is all-weather! Rain or shine! Oh, no, it’s snow! In recent days, heavy snowfall has begun in many cities. For the construction of this indoor soccer arena, wind and snow are a harsh test.

In the past few days, our staff members have met with the football field project in the wind and snow, and have come to test the use of the indoor soccer arena. It also witnessed the successful hosting of the organizer’s football match. Liri indoor soccer arena is with MAX ability to resist wind and snow so that people who love sports can feel the charm of football in the snow and ice. It is a snow-covered land outside the canopy, and the inside of the canopy is in full swing.

Stable Frame Structure

The frame of Liri indoor soccer arena stadiums tent adopts 6-series T6 aluminum alloy profiles with a surface hardness of up to 15 HW. This ensures the strength of the frame under the premise of reducing weight, and ensures the stability and service life of the tent structure. The wind resistance capability can be improved to 100km/hr, the tarpaulin uses a PVC knife-scraper coated synthetic fabric, which is not only fire-retardant but also has good waterproof and anti-aging properties. Combined with the structural advantages of frame tents, the tilted angle allows the snow on the roof to fall naturally, and the supporting heating facilities in the canopy will also accelerate snow melting on the roof. This is why the Liri Structure temporary sports buildings have the functions as fixed construction.

In snowy areas, the maintenance and management to avoid heavy snow disasters on buildings require a certain amount of manpower and financial resources. The Liri tents will do their preparation work for customers in the early stage, if run into special weather, such as snowstorms, Liri will notify users in advance to check the firmness of the structure, if necessary, we will work on deep strengthened operations, check whether the indoor heating facilities are operating normally and clean snowfall on the roof in time to prevent the snow from exceeding the maximum snow load capacity of indoor soccer arena so that sports events can be held safely and smoothly.

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