Big Outdoor Car Show Exhibition Tent

To hold a large-scale exhibition, there are many factors to consider, such as the people flow, the effect of the brand display, needs of business negotiation area and creative recreation area. Moreover, sometimes you need to restore the site as it was when the exhibition is over, especially when holding an auto show. Luckily that Liri Structure can provide a flexible solution for you, the large mobile tent for the auto show, which is to help you build a functional exhibition hall in a short time.

Liri Structure has provided many tailored solutions for many auto shows in the recent years, from 20m tents for brand display to 60m tents for large-scale exhibitions. Therefore, you may find Liri Outdoor Exhibition Tents around the world. Our salesmen and engineers will inspect the site in advance then give you the ideal solution based on your needs. We will also give you the 3D drawings to show you what the tent looks like if needed.

We just built two large tents, 30x115m and 50x115m, as the temporary Outdoor Exhibition Tent halls for the Auto Expo. These aluminum tents perfectly matched the concrete building exhibition center, and helped to upgrade the service. We also provided tent air conditioners to solve the ventilation problem to create a comfortable environment for thousands of visitors. To help visitors find the way, there were L-shape tents built as the aisles connecting the Outdoor Exhibition Tent center and the temporary halls. One of the main reasons why so many expos choose Liri is that our tents adopt modular design making it easy to install and transport.

Though our business is growing rapidly, Liri Structure still keeps innovating new products step by step instead of seeking quick success and instant benefits. We always focus on the art of construction, the beauty of structures, and more ideal solutions for our customers.

Car Show Exhibition Tent Video

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