Blast Resistant Tent

Oil and Gas Safety Supply Tent

Safety and environmental protection have been constant topics of sustainable economic development. The development of the economy is closely related to environmental protection and also to all walks of life. We know it well that industrial exhaust, smog, dust, etc., have brought tremendous pressure on environmental protection. We are always working to develop more environmentally friendly and safer structures to help the oil and gas-related industries. Therefore, Blast Resistant Tent has been created by Liri for the oil and gas industry.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Blast Resistant Tent of Liri is designed with high-strength aluminum alloy structures for those refineries, which is of great help in improving operational efficiency and storage methods. It is a modular structure: the main structure uses an aluminum alloy frame and a PVC double-coated waterproof and flame-resistant fabric. Prefabricated in the factory, Blast Resistant Tent is precisely processed according to the specifications with CNC machines and can be quickly installed after being transported to the site and immediately put into use. Compared with the construction period of fixed buildings, it is shortened by at least 2-4 months, which greatly reduces time and costs.

The Blast Resistant Tent produced by Liri is stable and durable. The PVC tarpaulin with PVDF technology on the surface also has anti-seepage and self-cleaning properties for long-term use. The interior adopts a large space structure design without center pillars, which greatly improves the indoor space utilization rate. The arched structure of Blast Resistant Tent can reach a maximum span of 80 meters and a ceiling height of 35 meters. Such a large space structure can facilitate equipment operation and truck access.

This new type of Blast Resistant Tent is a completely enclosed transformation of the petrochemical plant refinery site, that’s to say, enclosed management can be used and the operation process can be completed in the tent. Professional ventilation and temperature and humidity control equipment can be installed inside the tent, which can effectively protect the safety of workers and equipment.

In addition, shapes and sizes of Blast Resistant Tent can be customized on demand. We can provide a full range of accessories, such as door and window systems, lighting systems, and monitoring systems. You can also use it for temporary office buildings with rapid deployment.

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