Temporary Aircraft Hangar

In order to solve the problem of the hangar design, Liri launched the temporary aircraft hangar, which can make more effective use of the site, has a shorter construction time, and is more cost-effective. As we all know, the first consideration is the cost problem for building a project like a large hangar. Generally, the hangar covers a large area and costs a lot. The cost of building materials and labor is huge. The traditional application process for fixed buildings is cumbersome and the construction period is long. A traditional large hangar requires huge time and cost.

The temporary aircraft hangar of the Liri structure is designed with aluminum alloy and fabric materials, which are lighter and easier to transport. You just need to assemble and install, without welding, no construction waste, and no damage to the surrounding environment. The whole construction period is short, which is more suitable for airport hangar design, private hangars, etc. You can also choose a clear span of 20M-100M according to the site area, and there is no beam column indoors. The size is flexible. The length can be extended indefinitely and the height can be customized according to the size of the aircraft. It can meet different internal space planning applications.

In order to achieve a better effect of heat insulation and cold avoidance, the full block-out PVC Knife scraping coated material used in temporary aircraft hangars has excellent effects of mildew resistance, UV resistance, flame retardancy, etc. You can also choose different thermal insulation supporting facilities such as air film thermal insulation tarpaulin, thermal insulation sandwich panel wall, etc. If the local climate is harsh, a professional air conditioning system can also be installed inside, which has the effects of refrigeration, heating, and dehumidification, providing better indoor protection.

In order to make it easier to get in and out, the above project pictures have installed the special cascade sliding door for the hangar, which can not only resist the typhoon of 8-10 levels but also have better sealing performance to help maintain the constant indoor temperature. The hangar door has electric/manual modes, which is more convenient. In addition to the cascading electric sliding doors, according to the different sizes and designs of the hangar, we also have multiple options such as flexible folding doors, flexible liftgates, and zigzag flexible liftgates. At the same time, to make it more convenient to enter and exit some aircraft, our open eyelids gates are also loved by some customers. Liri structure creates more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly assembly mobile hangars for professional customers.

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