Fabric Construction Tent

Temporary Construction Tents

In a general way, it is not available to build a temporary structure in a short time. Construction tent can be built in a fast way and also keep the efficient operation of a construction site with minimizing the effects of the weather.

It is not a problem to set up a construction tent on most lands. You can choose steel pegs or weight plates and many other options for fixing methods. It is the best solution due to time cost and construction speed.

Construction tents employ prefabricated aluminum frame structure with durable safeguard design. The roof is translucent PVC coated fabric material that has heat insulation function but natural light exposure is allowed.

Temporary Construction Tent will meet requirements of temporary or permanent use. You can disassemble it in days when you do not need it after the project and the land will restore. You can also choose a modular structure tent for other places like a temporary factory or storage etc.

Type of Tents

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