Indoor Horse Riding Arena

Covered Riding Arena

In the center of a city, 1050 square meters indoor horse riding arena and 600 square meters clubhouse, plus 5400 square meters outdoor equestrian playground, a total area of more than 7000 square meters forms the city’s largest equestrian training field, including professional stable, racing and training field, and leisure club area, which are made of three big clear span tents. This is a professional Indoor Horse Riding Arena jointly built by Liri Structure for an equestrian club. For those who love equestrian sports, this is one of the most anticipated things for their weekend leisure time.

With the popularity of the equestrian sport around the world, more and more people have chosen to hold equestrian sports in the indoor horse riding arena. We use safe and environment-friendly high-strength aluminum tent frame, with waterproof and UV-resistant PVC fabric materials as roof covers. Its wide internal space brings a comfortable riding experience for guests, while not subject to all kinds of weather interference. Moreover, the tent can be easily assembled and disassembled and can be reused many times, which is a good solution to the uncontrollable factors on the site. Therefore, Liri Structure indoor horse riding arena is the best option.

In fact, since 2015, Liri Structure has built a number of VIP equestrian event stand tents for many international equestrian events for many consecutive years as an exclusive tent supplier. It also includes Indoor Horse Riding Arena and temporary stables.

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