Basketball Court Shade Structure

Have you tried playing in basketball court shade structures? Our structure can cover the whole stadium, and at the same time, it can keep out the sun and rain, without fear of climate change, and give you all-weather company.

The top of the basketball court shade structure adopts full shading PVC tarpaulin. You can also customize the color scheme,
It has the characteristics of heat insulation, flame retardant, UV protection, etc., to ensure that a pleasant temperature is maintained in the stadium, and the service life of the whole sunshade structure can reach 15 years.

At the same time, we have designed a large area of transparent PVC material on the side, which has B1-class flame retardant performance and high strength. The transparent side has a light transmittance of 99%, and no additional lighting is needed during the day. It is environment-friendly and energy-saving, and you can enjoy the surrounding scenery while playing ball.

The entire basketball court shade structure is planned to be 35mx36M according to the basketball court. We built it on the existing outdoor basketball court with no supporting columns in the middle, making full use of the space and being as free and flexible as the outdoor basketball court.

In addition, professional basketball court equipment such as special sports floor, fresh air ventilation system, air conditioning and sports lighting can be installed in the stadium. Build a 24-hour all-weather basketball hall.

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