Black Indoor Basketball Court

Basketball Court Park Construction

Recently, we installed a black indoor basketball court with more than 2,000 square meters. For sports enthusiasts, Sports is important without considering seasons, but outdoor basketball courts have to be temporarily closed when it is windy or rainy. Bad weather has always been the most irresistible factor for outdoor venues that cannot be opened normally. But now it is popular to build an indoor basketball court park.

The indoor basketball court we designed improves the construction problem of the general indoor basketball court. This kind of aluminum alloy frame structure is a temporary structure, with no foundation requirement, lower cost, quick installation, and rapid to use anytime. We use high-strength aluminum alloy and PVC fabric, which can be used for a long time. The indoor basketball court meets the high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly construction concept, and it can make full use of the idle space to install the basketball court park. The length, width, and height of the basketball court can be customized due to the requirement and area of the court. If you want to use it as a semi-permanent building, we can also provide more optional accessories, for example, the PVC sidewall can be replaced with a hard sidewall and air condition is also available.

Basketball court park can not only provide places for those who love basketball but also can be used as a professional training venue. Adding grandstand seats inside will be suitable to hold small basketball games; Comparing with traditional large-scale indoor stadiums, the basketball court park we designed likely to be a trend in the future. We already have successfully installed multiple basketball court parks all over the world.

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