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Glass Tent

Width: 3m - 60m

The design of glass tent is always a favored type in the marquee tent industry, glass tent will bring your guest different experiences.


Outdoor Tent with Glass Walls

The design of glass tent is always a favored type in the marquee tent industry. No matter for exhibition, event, sport or important wedding moment, glass tent will bring your guest different experiences and make them full of praise. As a result, glass tent has become one of the preferred marquee types.

The beautiful and practical design of glass tent, guests can have an outside panoramic view of the scenery from the tent room. Especially for some sports events, the audience can observe the movement of the event at a closer distance inside the glass tent. Moreover, the glass wall design tent is more likely to be the focus of outdoor exhibitions. At the same time when it raises the level of activities, it can also greatly enhances the business benefits of the event, which is very suitable for outdoor high-end businesses.

The frame of glass tent surrounded by high-strength aluminum alloy has a good stabilizing effect, and easy to install. When the tent is placed for a long time, the glass wall can also play a role in preventing dust, moisture, and condensation, and is also easy to clean. The lighting effect is very good at daytime, and there is no need to worry about light blocking and shadowing problems. Since the overall style of the tent is transparent, it will appear extraordinarily spacious.

Although the transparent glass material is better than the tarpaulin in many aspects, the specific tent needs to be selected according to the nature and needs of the event.

Glass Tent Applications