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10 Sided Polygon Tent

Width: 16m - 25m

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10 Sided Polygon Tent Supplier

10 sided polygon tent has obtained the national patent, patent number: ZL201120397706.8

The 10 sided polygon tent is available from 16m to 25m. According to the profile size, there are three in the series. These include the ET/DEC, BT/DEC, CT/DEC. The tent frame uses hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6. The roof cover uses PVC coated polyester textile. The optional accessories include plastic PVC side windows, ground anchors, weight plates, interior linen, plastic doors, plastic windows, ABS hard walls, transparent ceiling and side wall, flooring system, and rain gutters. The 10 sided polygon tent can resist up to 100 km/hr winds. It is quick to assemble and tear down, convenient, and has a small volume size. The structure is in a decagon shape and it has been widely used for private parties, wedding parties, product promotion, and sports games.

10 Sided Polygon Tent Size

Clear-span WidthEave HeightRidge HeightSide Length
16 m / 52.49 feet3.88 m / 12.73 feet6.47 m / 21.23 feet5 m / 16.40 feet
20 m / 65.62 feet3.88 m / 12.73 feet7.1 m / 23.29 feet6.18 m / 20.28 feet
25 m / 82.02 feet3.88 m / 12.73 feet7.88 m / 25.85 feet7.72 m / 25.33 feet