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Triple Decker Tent

Width: 15m - 30m


Three Stroy Tent for Sale

The tents as a new-type movable modular structure, are widely used in various industries. It has quick installation, various styles, environmentally friendly designs, cost-effective. As always, Liri Tent dedicates ourselves to developing new tent products to meet the growing and varied needs of customers.

By now, in the tent market, there is still not a good solution to solve the height requirement, especially for the events require to offer the guests a nice view at a certain height. For this, Liri Tent announced the latest tent product – Triple Decker Tent. This is a breakthrough of movable modular structures. In maximizing space, triple-decker tent reaches new height after the double-decker tent.

Sames as other Liri Tent Series, the triple-decker tent is available from 15m span width to 30m span width. And the length is not limited, it can be increased or decreased by 5m bay. It is worth to mention that, the triple-decker tent is a more flexible design. We can adjust it to be a double-decker tent or a single decker tent by removing one or two floors from the triple-decker.

Besides, customized design is also available. We can offer the most suitable solution according to the customers’ specific requirements, including walling system, flooring, roof lining, sidewall curtains, the position of interior/ exterior stairs, and etc, To let the guests have a better view from the triple-decker tent, the balcony is also an option for the customers.

Triple Decker Tent Stairs Type

Triple Decker Tent Video