Multi-Side Tents

6 Sided Polygon Tent

The standard hexagon tent side height is available in 6m, 8m, 9m, and 10m, it will make your event look more attractive.

Width: 6m - 10m

8 Sided Polygon Tent

The 8 sided polygon tent structure is in an octagon shape and it will ensure that it will be safe and steady so that it can achieve 100km/h wind loading.

Width: 15m

10 Sided Polygon Tent

The 10 sided polygon tent has been widely used for private parties, wedding parties, product promotion, and sports games.

Width: 16m - 25m

12 Sided Polygon Tent

The 12 sided polygon tent has a side height of 4m and is available in 30m clear-span. It is based on the 30m span Tent Hall.

Width: 30m

16 Sided Polygon Tent

The large 16 sided polygon tent is made out of hard-pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6 (13HW) structure with a profile size of 256x125x5/5mm.

Width: 35m

Polygon High Peak Tent

The polygon high peak tent is built on the basis of the multi-side tent. It also changes the ridge of the tent into a high peak.

Width: 6m - 9m

Event planners can make a special outdoor event space if using our round tents. Liri Tent offers many sizes of round tents from six sides up to sixteen sides with no internal frame, which is suitable for weddings and parties. Besides, we provide many customized tents for event planners.All of our tent structures are flexible and mobile, which can be installed within several days.


Round Tent Video:

Round Tent Applications