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Hangar Tent

Width: 20m - 60m

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Full Sizes Aircraft Tent Hangar

The hangar tent is the latest tent series. Hangar tent applying to the Naval Aviation and Civil Aviation as temporary or permanent hangars for light aircraft.

We use a hard-pressed extrude anodize aluminum alloy to manufacture main frameworks. The covers and sidewalls are made of flame retardant double PVC coated polyester textile strictly based on the European standard DIN 4102B1, M2.

We can manufacture various dimensions of hangar tents according to the different sizes of aircraft. The main feature of the frameworks is that it is designed specially based on high degree configuring film insulated PVC textile. Large span flexible lifting doors and sandwich pannel walls form a unique Liri hangar tent.

Multiple kinds of optional accessories can be selected for different functions, such as film insulated roof cover, insulated sandwich panel walls, large span flexible lifting doors, colorful steel walls, LED lighting, working doors, rolling doors, flooring systems, rain gutter, fire-fighting systems, ventilation systems, and so on.

Hangar Tent Types:

The Aircraft Hangar Tent is durable and sturdy which able to resist up to 120KM/hour (0.7KN/m2 wind loading). The tent easy assembling and disassembling. Make it to be the best choice for hangars of Naval Aviation and Civil Aviation and other enterprises.

After the new designs of the flexible gate and push-pull hangar tent. In 2015, Liri Structure has developed the polygonal eyelid hangar tent. Hangar tent is sturdy and durable. This aluminum frame structure can resist wind loading 120km/h (0.7kn/m²) and snow loading 25-75 kg/m². We add the driving system to control. We can achieve the auto operation of the door like the eyelid.

Compared with the permanent hangar structures, the eyelid hangar tent belongs to the temporary building,  which is very easy to dismantle and install, and all components can be shipped by plane after dismantle. When parking the plane, the installation can be completed by the crew only. Also due to the good adaptability to different terrain, the hangar tent can be set up on both concrete ground and grassland, even for temporary grounds, which reduce the difficulty of construction on site and shorten the installation time. The tent is very suitable to use as the temporary or permanent garage for air forces and the civil aviation aircraft.

The size of the eyelid hangar tent is not fixed, so we can customize the size by dimensions of airplanes and demands of buyers and choose different accessories for various applications. This innovative outdoor frame tent is flexible, movable, convenient, and cost-effective.

This product has received national patents, patent number: 201620180982.1

Hangar Tent Video:

Clear-span Width Eave Height Top Height Bay Distance Main Profile (mm)
Sliding Door Opening Hanger 10 – 60 m / 32.81 – 196.85 feet 4 – 8 m / 13.12 – 26.24 feet 5.5 – 18 m / 18.04 – 59.05 feet 5 m / 16.40 feet 204x120x4 / 256x121x5 / 300x120x5 / 350x120x5 / 400x120x6/7
Eyelid Opening Hanger 10 – 20 m / 32.81 – 65.61 feet 4 – 8 m / 13.12 – 26.24 feet 5.8 – 8.1 m / 19.03 – 26.57 feet 5 m / 16.40 feet 204x120x4 / 256x121x5 / 300x120x5 / 400x120x6/7
Flexibile Shutter Door Opening Hanger 10 – 60 m / 32.81 – 196.85 feet 4 – 8 m / 13.12 – 26.24 feet 5.5 – 18 m / 18.04 – 59.05 feet 5 m / 16.40 feet 204x120x4 / 256x121x5 / 300x120x5 / 350x120x5 / 400x120x6/7